The Book

Secrets to an Aligned Pregnancy

This step-by-step practical workbook is designed in such a way as to support your critical thinking and reflection on a number of topics such as: nutrition, movement, physical health, baby equipment/gadgets needed, mindfulness, and delivery/birth preparation tools that you will find beneficial during your pregnancy journey.

This is designed for first-time parents and parents that want to stay up to date for the following pregnancies.

This workbook will:
1. Provide checklists to help identify your needs when purchasing baby equipment.
2. Empower you to gain the knowledge and tools you need to succeed during pregnancy and beyond.
3. Promote reflection, understanding, and learning about pregnancy changes.
4. Done in a fun self-directed way.
The Author

Dr. Anna E. Papadopoulou

Doctor of Chiropractic - Canadian Chiropractic Health Center,
MSc in Musculoskeletal Health in Pediatrics,
Fellow of Royal College of Chiropractors Paediatric Faculty (FRCC-PPF),
Diplomate American Chiropractic Neurology Boards (DACNB),
Educator, Public Speaker

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